Letter to the Editor: Support from a bunch of ‘good old boys’

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Dear Editor:
Way back in 1933, a group of “good ole boys” realized a community need, joining together to form Meeker Volunteer Fire Department. These gentlemen were everyday citizens of Meeker with a commitment and dedication to their community.

The original founders of the department have passed on through the years, but their legacy continues. Men and women who work in our community, raise their families here, meet and greet people on the street and volunteer to stop whatever they are doing at the moment a call goes out, whether fire or EMS, day or night.
These calls may take them away from their personal lives for a few minutes, but often times for extended hours. It’s more often the “good ole boys (and gals)” who respond. These “good ole boys” and gals are just as committed and dedicated to our community as the founders.
The fire/EMS names noted below represent a total of 540 years of service to our community and surrounding area.
The “good ole boys” and gals believe the public should be informed of opinions other than those expressed in the Herald Times.
Our current fire board has been very active, not only with the regular monthly board meetings and numerous extra meetings over the past few years, hiring employees, working on future building projects and carrying out their board responsibilities.
A special district board differs from a regular board of directors and must following specific regulatory guidelines. Most of the current members attended special district training on his/her personal time, without pay.
They continue supporting our department with an adequate budget, which allows maintaining equipment and supplies, training for our members, reviewing policies and procedures, purchasing new equipment as needed and other fiduciary actions. Their commitment often goes unrecognized and unacknowledged.
Do we agree with everything the board does? No. But they always provide members of the department a voice and opportunity to give input before they make a major decision.
New board members cannot and should not expect to immediately hit the ground running. It takes time to acclimate to the responsibilities and duties of being a board member, whether serving on a fire board, town council, hospital board, etc.
Meeker’s current fire board consists of a previous 10-year fire chief/EMT, an RN and prior EMT/EMS director, a current EMT, a previous fireman and a grandson of a retired fireman. This board does have experience in the field, understands the duties of being board members, is prepared to move Meeker Fire and Rescue forward, and also recognizes how important history plays in the running of the department.
Please support the incumbent members in the upcoming election—Rick Dodds, Sherri Halandras and Doug Overton. If citizens have questions, please feel free to speak with any of us. If you care about your fire department, please get out and vote on May 3 at the firehouse between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Thank you.
The Good Ole Boys and Gals of Meeker Volunteer Fire & Rescue: Gary Merriam, Deby Merriam, Steve Allen, Vaughn Moodie, Luke Pelloni, Nancy Richardson, Fain Richardson, Joe Larson, Laura Smith, Melissa Kindall, Zack Allen, Rich Merriam, Richard Schwegler, Patti Merriam, Ray Price, Donald Hobbs, Jacob Jorgensen, Michael North, Daniel Larson, Bob Ruckman, Theo (Ted) Stewart, Brian Conrado (past board member), Chuck Whiteman (past chief and board member), Jerry Eliasen, Michael Washburn, Dale Frisby, Wilbur Richardson, Bud Miles, Wayne Nielson, Katherine Nielson, Roy Wedding, Chris Strate, Christopher Carroll, Rich Parr, Steve Overton and Francis Sullivan.
Also Concerned Citizens: Brent Smith, David W. Smith and Ken Pelloni