Letter to the Editor: Taxation without representation

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Dear Editor:
The recent ruling of the District Court, Water Division 6, concerning the application of the Yellow Jacket Water Conservancy District should be a wake up call. The judge’s ruling substantiates the need for revisions in management practices. We cannot afford to manage our taxes or water recklessly. We need a water conservancy district that has all our interests in mind and can operate in a transparent and legal forum.
The court’s ruling was based on the lack of a legal quorum of directors. When four of the nine directors were either not present or were still sitting on the board after their term had expired. Now, we are sure that is the definition of “taxation without representation.” Without the current public involvement by a few individuals this would have never been identified.
If we continue to do nothing about our water we will lose it. We are not big enough to fight Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Fransisco water needs. The second law of water in the west is “water flows uphill to money” and we cannot afford to spend ours recklessly.
We urge everybody who pays the taxes that support the Yellow Jacket Water Conservancy District to get to know your district’s board of directors. We urge you to do a little research on water in the west. i.e. www.westernwaterlaw.com or read “Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers” by P. Andrew Jones. We urge you to get involved in helping the Yellow Jacket Conservancy District to preserve your water rights and manage them with due diligence.
We urge you to do a little research on the representation you are receiving from your local governments and start demanding representation for the taxes you have paid.
Scott and Veronica Fandrich