Letter to the Editor: Thank you

Dear Editor:
The families of Cynthia L Blanco wish to thank the people of Rangely and others for all their hospitality, thoughts and prayers during our time of loss. Cynthia loved life, and loved this town more than anyone will ever know. A huge thank you goes out to Roy Kinney and the rest of the police force who responded so quickly, and to Shana Kinney and her ambulance crew who are always ready in a time of need, and to the Rangely District Hospital and Family Medicine staff who were not only there for Cynthia but were there for the rest of the family. And thank you Dr. Cameron and Dr. Hsu for doing all you could, you will always be in our hearts and prayers. Thank you Dr. Krueger for coming to Rangely during what should have been your dinner hour and taking care of the things that needed to be done so that Cynthia’s final arrangements could start taking place. Thanks go out to all who put together the luncheon after services. Especially Jolene Armstrong, Diane Slaugh, Melanie Bland and many, many others. Your hospitality and generosity will never be forgotten. Thank you to the Bible Baptist Church and to Pastor Whiston for a beautiful service and thank you to the Elks for letting us use your facilities to have our luncheon and birthday celebration of a life well lived! Thank you to the Blackburn Mortuary for helping so carefully with our loved one and taking care of things in such a thoughtful manner. Thank you Belinda, for a beautiful floral arrangement for Cynthia from her family that you did for her services. You did a wonderfully super job! And to anyone who I have forgotten to mention here, or just don’t know exactly who did what, your actions are appreciated and will never be forgotten. And thank you to everyone who has donated to the memorial fund set up in Cynthia’s name at the First National Bank of the Rockies, as she did not have any life insurance and this is greatly appreciated by the family in handling all her final costs. Once again I see this town come together to help one of its own. No wonder she felt like she had come home when she came here eight years ago.  Thank you once again!
Christina Intermill and family, Greeley, Colo.
Jason Ladehoff and family, Denver, Colo.
Nita Henson and family, Rangely, Colo.
Ronda Conway and family, Davenport, Wash.
Sonja Conway and family, Creston, Wash.
Heath Gliem and family, Fort Morgan, Colo.
Shar Gliem and family, Fort Morgan, Colo.
 And all the nieces and nephews, and great Nieces and Nephews
 Nita Henson