Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help with fire

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Dear Editor:
We have always loved living in a small town. There’s nothing like having that small town community feeling, a great place to raise our children and a great place for family, friends and neighbors.
Nothing could have prepared me for what happened Oct. 20.
My husband was out hunting. All I heard was someone hollering for him. I looked out and it was Jeff LeBleu telling me our garage was on fire.
I quickly called 911 to find out many people had already called!
There in my back yard were Jeff and Jerry LeBleu jumping right into action, pulling out a motorcycle and Marty’s 1978 Corvette.
The quick response of the Rangely Police Department, the Rangely Fire Department and the EMS crew floored me.
A huge thank you to my wonderful little town and all the great people in it.
Most of all, a special thank you to Dylan and Dalton LeBleu for smelling the smoke and running to tell someone!
Good job, boys!
Perhaps we have a couple future firefighters on our hands!
Raelene and Marty Bills