Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help with gun range cleanup

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Dear Editor:
I would like to thank everyone who helped with the cleanup at the Blue Mountain Gun Range on Saturday. It was a great success. This has been needed for many years.

We removed two 30-yard Dumpsters full of trash and debris.
Thank you Shawn Morgan and Rangely Trash Service for providing the two Dumpsters. Also thanks to Rio Blanco County for waiving the dump fee and the Town of Rangely for providing a front-end loader and Jeff LeBleu for the great job as operator.
A special thank you goes out to the people who showed up with their work gloves and helped pick up the trash: Heather Zadra, Peter Brixius, Ed Miller, Todd Thayn, Matt Griffin, Brandon Rose and Hannah Denton. Also, a thank you to René Harden for her suggestion of a cleanup at the range.
I would encourage people who use the range to please pick up any trash and help keep the range clean. Remember, this is a shooting range, not a dump.
Please, no more appliances, televisions, furniture or snowmobiles.
I also ask, please, if you see anyone dumping items at the range, please report them to the Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Office.
Frank Huitt