Letter to the Editor: Thanks from barrel racer group

Dear Editor:
On Saturday, the National Barrel Horse Association Colorado District 10 held two separate barrel races in Rangely at Columbine Park Arena. There were approximately 70 participants in both Race 1 and Race 2.
The new, fully enclosed announcer’s stand and updated public announcing system were really appreciated and the upgrades at the Columbine Park are wonderful.
The arena ground was awesome for the barrel racers, thanks to Jed Moore (the CNCC coach) and to Adam, who worked the ground on Saturday.
Thank you so much for all the work that has been done, and, because of the efforts of the grounds crew, we had a really fun day. I heard many compliments pertaining to the facility.
We had two rejoining members and two new members that joined that day.
On behalf of the participants, thank you to all concerned for a great day. We want to come back to Rangely again!
Mary Anderson
NBHACO Region 10