Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Rangely for supporting The TANK

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Dear Editor:
Dear Rangely community, we are so grateful for your support of The TANK during our recent Kickstarter campaign. Because the people of Rangely joined backers from 18 countries and all over the United States, we were able to exceed our goal and make our dream a reality.

We look forward to thanking you in person this summer when we begin operations as The TANK Center for Sonic Arts.
Our inaugural events are being planned as an expression of gratitude to the Rangely community: a Solstice Gathering, from June 20-26, will include open houses, concerts, recording sessions and singing and drumming lessons in The TANK.
Some of the activities over those seven days are “Rewards fulfillments” for our Kickstarter backers from the region, while many others will be free and open to everyone. Beginning June 25, The TANK can be visited by the public each Saturday until the weather is too cold.
Look for a schedule of activities and events to be posted soon in this paper and on our website.
We’re grateful for your patience as we grow, with slow and steady progress, from a small group of volunteers into a sustainable arts organization. Eventually, we will offer recording sessions for musicians from around the world, and Days of Sonic Learning at The TANK for local school groups.
Opportunities will arise for the community to interact with artists who come for residencies at The TANK. Local youth will learn about audio arts and recording from award-winning engineers and will have a chance to work with artists at The TANK. Concerts, workshops, residencies and sonic tourism will bring the world to Rangely’s doorstep.
Thank you for making us feel so welcome, and for all of your indispensable support.
Friends of The TANK