Letter to the Editor: Treasure Hunting Club formed, sponsors sought

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Dear Editor:
It is my pleasure to announce the formation of the Parkview Elementary Treasure Hunting Club.

Students will be trained to use metal detectors, search for buried artifacts and learn about proper hunting etiquette.
Through the club, students will learn the science behind detecting as well as being motivated to learn the history of the area. We are also excited that the students will be getting healthy outdoor exercise.
We are obtaining high quality metal detectors and equipment from KellyCO, the biggest distributor in the country, at a deep discount. This will enable all fourth- and fifth-grade students to have ample “hands-on” time.
In order to supply the grade levels with detectors (20 detectors are needed, as students work with a partner). It will cost about $5,000.
We need sponsors for the club and would like to ask you to consider supporting this project through a tax deductible donation. Absolutely any amount will help and we would love support from companies, as well as individuals.
If you have any questions, please call me at 970-675-2267.
Dana Forbes
4th, 5th grade science teacher
Parkview Elementary School