Letter to the Editor: Vote for 3A, not Amendment 66

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Dear Editor:
I urge everyone to take the time to vote in this mail-in ballot election. Learn about the issues on the ballot and about the school board candidates to make informed decisions.
Be aware that there are two separate and very different issues on the ballot concerning funding for education.
Amendment 66 is a state initiative based on increased income tax and controlled by the state. They use a formula to decide which districts receive what amount of money. Meeker’s share of state funds was cut this year and there are no guarantees that we will receive any of this increase.
Referendum 3A is a local issue based on a slight increase in property tax. All of this money stays here and is locally controlled.
If you have any questions about where the money goes or where it comes from, ask the right people to get accurate answers. The county assessor can explain how much money is involved and what percentage each group pays. Attend a school board meeting and ask questions. Things change over the years and some programs have been cut and others changed. Please vote “yes” on 3A.
We want our children to have a good education and a good chance for success in life. We want to make responsible decisions to fund education and see to it that those we elect use those funds wisely. It really does “take a village to raise a child.”
Be informed. Be active. Be responsible. Get your ballot into the mail so the elections office has it by Nov. 5 or your vote will not count.
Thank you.
Elaine Jordan