Letter to the Editor: We should choose a plant-based diet

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Dear Editor:
Have you ever stopped and wondered why society deems it proper to kill and eat a pig, but abusing a dog or cat is considered animal cruelty? Or why we wear leather, the skin of an animal, but think wearing fur is cruel? This is, unfortunately, the very sad reality we live in today.

Take a moment and think about what you had for dinner last night. Did you give a second thought to what form of life it was before ending up on your plate? Chances are, probably not. Why? Because we are not emotionally connected to our food.
Over 56 billion farmed animals (excluding fish and sea creatures) die each year at the hands of man (“Animal Equality: Food”, 2015). With the United States consuming more meat per capita than any other nation worldwide (265 pounds per person annually as of 2009) it’s becoming very apparent that the need for reform is now (“12 States That Kill The Most Animals”, 2015)!
The good news is that many people today are taking the time to realize the horrors of these industries and are indeed choosing to take a stand.
Many of the major and feared diseases taking over our country today, heart disease, cancer and more, can be prevented and even reversed simply by adopting a plant-based diet (“Plant-Based Diets”, 2016).
And with the many plant-based meat and cheese options and vegan eateries today, people can feel good about their meal options and their taste buds can too!
For more information on how to become involved for the animals and tips on transitioning to a more compassionate lifestyle, check out The Humane League Denver on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/humaneleagueDEN/).
There are so many ways to help, and it starts with us! Be that voice for the voiceless and know that no animals were harmed in the making of you.
Aubrey Montgomery
Commerce City, Colo.