Letter to the Editor: Yellow Jacket

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Dear Editor:
Following up on our previous letter we would like to clarify and expound on a few items:
First of all, we are not opposed to the YJWCD -— we just feel that there needs to be more public input than what there has been since 1959.
If YJWCD truly believes that public input is an important part of the process the YJWCD has to advertise the upcoming public meeting in order to actually have some public input.
While the YJWCD is abiding by the letter of Colorado law by posting notices at a designated location (in this case YJWCD counsel’s office door), they are missing the spirit of the law by not widely advertising their meetings.
I’m sorry, publishing it in the paper the day of the meeting is hardly sufficient notice.
Because of this, there is little opportunity for public participation in the meetings and workshops.
What we mean is that the taxpayer funded YJWC board has been making decisions about the White River since 1959, without much public input.
You the taxpayer have given the YJWD hundreds of thousands of dollars since 1959.
You the taxpayer have given the YJWCD hundreds of thousands of dollars without the benefit of being able to elect the board.
These projects are going to be costing millions of your taxpayer dollars.
These projects are going to be removing at least 500CFS from the White River.
Ref. (http://www.whiteriver water.com/?p=2and CO.Water Court Dist. 6Case No. 09CW48 (02CW37) (95CW213) RIO BLANCO COUNTY)
How can that not affect downstream flows?
You don’t think that will affect water tables along the White River basin?
What will happen to the town wells that are tapping the White River aquifer?
What about all the other domestic wells throughout the valley that depend on the White River aquifer?
How will that effect the quality of your drinking water when the ratio of dissolved solids to water increase?
That means you and your children will be drinking more nitrites and nitrates.
What will happen to those entities that depend on the many anglers that visit every summer after the flows have been reduced by 500 cubic feet per second.
Who is YJWCD really supporting? The constituents of the district or the oil shale industry?
We have previously pointed this out but it deserves repeating: Oil shale is not a proven industry.
Selling water from these YJWCD proposed projects to the oil shale industry would constitute speculation on water rights which is against the Anti-Speculation Doctrine.
Why is there little or no ambition from the YJWCD to have public input on this subject?
We as taxpayers have a right, as well as a duty, to start attending the YJWCD meetings and workshops before you have no say in what happens to your White River.
Scott and Veronica Fandrich