Letter: Voters must never forget the past

About 400 years ago, the pilgrims came to this country in search of the freedom to practice Christianity and to worship the God of Scripture as they pleased. They sought to found a society based on biblical principles, one where the civil government would guarantee their right to worship. For them freedom was a matter of law and civil government was ordained by God to enforce his law and protect the rights of its citizens by and through its laws. For them as for us today, godly laws and godly government are essential to all freedoms.
We must never forget the past, for history, both modern and ancient, has shown us that in the wrong hands law and government quickly becomes tyrannical. Governments must be accountable; they must be subject to a higher authority. Any government that is not subject to the word of God has set itself up in the place of God, for when you reach the highest court of appeal and the place you cannot say, “Thus says The Lord,” you have reached the god of the system.
When government puts itself in the place of God then all sorts of things follow. For apart from God and God’s law, government will invade every aspect of our lives and will quickly begin to make demands upon us that only God can rightfully make. It will style itself, messiah, and savior and will at length demand absolute obedience and the rendering of every resource. Fallen man, apart from Christ, will consume every freedom, crush every liberty, and claim every inheritance. Fallen man will pay no homage but to self, and fallen government can only do the same.
The only remedy to this situation is to return to the truth and to him who has promised us “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” The one speaking was Jesus Christ and he was speaking of himself. Before the United States can again offer her citizens the freedoms guaranteed them by her constitution our government must again bend the knee to Christ, and submit itself to his law. The only cure for tyranny is submission to the king, and the only way government can serve her citizens is to model the one who came, not to be served, but to serve, not to seek His own will but that of the father.
Brother, sisters and friends we cannot require of someone else that which we do not also require of ourselves. If we desire a government that is just, we must also be just. If we demand freedom from tyranny, we cannot be tyrants. If we desire the blessings given to our fathers, we must turn and worship their God.
Do not be fooled, God is not mocked. A man reaps what he sows. If we sow spiritual things, we will reap spiritual benefits, if we sow to the flesh we will reap of the flesh. No man can serve two masters for he will eventually love on and hate the other.
America is faced with a simple choice: choose ye this day who you will serve; but only remember that you become like the one you serve. All governments demand we take upon ourselves a yoke. Only Jesus Christ can promise that his is light and easy. Our ancestors choose the yoke of Christ over that of tyranny. We must also do the same.
Let us take up our cross then and follow them, as they followed him and let us look to Christ as savior and messiah, for no other may sit on his throne, and no one else can offer freedom.
In the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost.
Rogers Meredith