Letter: Walbridge Wing glad to be remembered

The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Committee has always made sure that the residents of Walbridge Wing have a pass to the trials. They take extra special care to make sure we are comfortable and have everything we need while we are there. We are blessed to have such a thoughtful and giving community, in which our seniors are not forgotten or misplaced but continue to be a respected part of our lives. Thank you to the committee for once again doing a splendid job. Our residents enjoyed the trials, the food, the fresh air and the sunshine.
This year was especially easy and pleasant thanks to Billy Jordan. Billy, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have the use of handicapped bleachers for our residents. The location and setup were perfect. Thank you so very much for working to get the seniors and handicapped citizens of your community these bleachers, they will be a blessing for many of our community events. We need to spread the word that they are available to our many seniors in town, it will make their enjoyment of community events so much better.
There were several people from out of town who were handicapped or had limited mobility already in the bleachers when we arrived. One family had a father who was in a wheelchair. They were also quite pleased. They expressed to me how nice it was to have a set of bleachers they could use that you could drive right up to. They were very impressed with our community for being so thoughtful and respectful of the handicapped population. If you have never been handicapped or tried to help a handicapped individual you have no idea of your limitations. It is beyond frustrating.
So once again we would like to thank Billy Jordan. I know how hard you work to make life easier for our many residents, not just the handicapped ones. God bless you for your help!
And thank you to the Rio County Commissioners for the use of the bleachers.
From all of us at Walbridge Wing