Letter: Washington raises serious concerns

Dear Editor:
No matter what our personal political leanings, I think we all agree on the Constitutional foundation of our democracy. It is therefore troubling to see legitimate Constitutional questions dismissed as tests of party loyalty. Actions by the new administration in Washington raise serious concerns. They should not be swept under the rug just to “give the man a chance,” or because “he won the election.”
President Trump insists he is exempt from laws requiring divestiture of his business interests. He continues to profit from those interests. Those profits raise serious concerns that he is in violation of the emoluments clause, which requires that a President removes himself from any suspicion of bribery or foreign influence. He refuses to provide information that might resolve that suspicion.
President Trump and his staff attack the free press and deny journalists the information they need to keep the public informed. Most recently, he has refused access to news briefings to journalists and news organizations critical of his policies. His administration dismisses free speech and free assembly as actions of “paid troublemakers,” and the administration is attempting to block investigation into serious allegations of interference in our democratic process by a foreign power. Voting is at the heart of democracy, and it is vital that our votes are informed and secure, not manipulated by the Russians.
Whether executive orders from the new administration violate 14th Amendment rights have already been referred to the courts.
The President’s actions cannot be ignored. Congressman Tipton, Senator Bennet and Senator Gardner should uphold their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and insist on non-partisan investigation into allegations of wrongdoing. And we should all insist on the accountability provided by the framers of our democracy.
Bob Dorsett, MD