Letter: We need new blood on County Commission

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Attention Rio Blanco County voters: It’s time we as citizens take control of our county and elect a commissioner with true leadership, strong ethics, integrity and who is not afraid to rock the boat.
Our county has been in the same rut for many years as no one will take the initiative to step up to the plate. We don’t need more of the same. We do need a strong individual who will make good informed decisions and stand behind them, not a commissioner who follows in the footsteps of the previous ones, but one who will think outside the box and do what’s good for the county.
One candidate for commissioner is running on “growth.” What kind of growth? To stimulate proper growth within the towns is an admirable ambition, however, the towns control the growth of businesses, etc. within their own borders and are self-governing.
This primary race is for a county commissioner. Please vote!
The clerk and recorder needs your ballot in hand no later than Aug. 10.
Kim Rochelle