Letter: Welcome to Cabaret

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Welcome to the Cabaret!
One Party,
One Platform,
One Reform Bill
One Mandate for All Citizens.

I’ve seen this play before,
I think it was in Germany,
Maybe it was in Russia,
Or was it Cuba?
It’s still running in Venezuela!
On with The Play!

It debuted in D.C. one dark Sunday night,
It had a rough opening.
The Director isn’t worried,
“It’s only a start.”
On with The Play!

Keep the supporting cast,
Let them primp,
Let them prance,
Let them practice,
Let them write another Act.
On with The Play!

Don’t worry,
We’ll do things better,
We’ll make it work
We’ll never fail,
We’ll stick to it,
We’ll give it our All,
We’ll find a better way,
We’ll remember when Choice and Freedom had their day.
On with The Play!

The Shill is right!
All we need is change,
All we have is hope,
Hope we know,
When or where or who to let go?
On with The Play!

Welcome to the Cabaret!
Walt Proctor