Letter: Westlands donates $2,500 to Search and Rescue

Dear Editor:
I would like to formally thank Henry Kravis Westlands for the $2,500 donation to the Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue. Westlands community presence is very much appreciated, of which they all have shown over the years here in Meeker.
With the fire event in April of last year we found ourselves working with the employees of Westlands. I would like everyone to know the employees of Westlands’ were a tremendous help in coordinating and assisting in fighting the fire. Without their help the fire would have been much worse. Their hospitality and willingness to assist us over the several days we were there made this event much more enjoyable and easier to manage.
Their donation will be used for improving our interoperability in our Incident Command Center we will set up for an event. As you know being able to communicate on different medias and gather information is critical during an emergency. We are implementing a small mobile Incident Command Center and their donation will help us finish this project. Their contribution will help citizens of this community in the future by providing us a better and more efficient way to manage critical events in this county.
Thank you again for the donation and being such a good neighbor to this community.
Anthony Mazzola
RBC Sheriff