Letter: WREA wants feedback from its members

White River Electric Association (WREA) was pleased to receive the recent letter and other inquires about the new WREA substation. It is important to begin this dialogue by clearly communicating to all of our member consumers that WREA values all comments and questions regarding our company and our operations. The member consumers do have a voice at WREA. The historical open dialogue with our membership and this community goes to the very core of our valued cooperative principles.
In general, I want to caution everyone that the cart has gotten out ahead of the horse, so to speak, on this issue. It is also important that everyone interested in the new WREA substation have the correct and most current information regarding this project. It is my intention that this letter will give everyone that information, but if it does not, I welcome additional questions, comments and dialogue.
In 2002, WREA purchased approximately three acres along the Sulphur Creek Road across from the entrance to the Sage Hills subdivision for the future location of a substation. However, many things have evolved since the acquisition of this three-acre site. WREA is currently engaged in the process of analyzing several sites for the location of this substation. Due to this ongoing process, WREA is not able to outline the specifics of the other options under consideration. Upon the completion of this on going process, WREA will notify the membership at large of the final site selection for this substation.
A new substation is required to address specific capacity constraints for the town of Meeker area, system reliability to prevent extended outages for the town of Meeker and to prepare for future electric load growth. This new substation is an identified project in the overall WREA construction work plan and will be built to meet critical electric infrastructure needs. The location of this substation is not determined nor is the engineering and design phase completed. At this time this project is not slated on the board of directors’ agenda for consideration. WREA has not engaged construction contractors or acquired materials for the construction of this project. WREA has staked the property along Sulphur Creek and conducted some preliminary grade and cost assessments as a part on an ongoing final site selection process.
WREA recognizes that many people may have questions regarding the existence of EMF (electric and magnetic fields) in our daily lives. The presence of EMF ranges from electric substations to cell phones. The complexities of EMF are not appropriate to discuss in this format, but I encourage anyone interested to learn more about EMF. Please feel free to come in to WREA headquarters with specific questions about EMF or any other issues related to our electric system.
WREA welcomes this type of dialogue and I hope that the membership feels comfortable to bring these issues directly to me in the future so I can get everyone the most current and correct information. You can always reach me at 878-5041 or e-mail me at dwelle@wrea.org. Thank you again for taking the initiative to voice your comments and concerns. This type of open communication helps make this a strong electric cooperative and a strong community.
Richard R. Welle
WREA general manager