Letters to the Editor: April 17, 2008

Dear Editor,
Reprinted with permission from the 5/19th SFG (A) FRG Newsletter.
Commander’s Corner
The word of the month for April is “Help.”
As many of you have already heard, one of our own was injured in February; SSG Rob Doman. I was fortunate enough to get to see him in the hospital in Baghdad before he was flown out. In spite of his injuries, he was in great spirits. Especially when he was flown out. Especially when he got to call his wife and family. Surprisingly, what impressed me about this incident was how well the military hospital, the 86th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) provided for soldiers brought in for treatment. They really went out of their way to make them comfortable and feel cared for.
But, I found out that the hospital was in need of some help. Due to the fact that military clothing and undergarments are routinely cut off and removed from soldiers as part of the emergency treatment, soldiers have little on hand to wear while they are recuperating. The 86th CSH hands out T-shirts, underwear and slippers provided by contributions. This is great, but they are running out. I said I would see what I could do. So, if anyone would like to donate men’s underwear (boxers or briefs), T-shirts, flip-flops or slippers and single blankets, I am sure the 86th CSH will take them. I just look at it as one way to provide for our soldiers and to assist a noble medical care facility here in Iraq.
Thank you all for your continued support for our 5-19th Soldiers. Your e-mails, letters, packages and prayers are getting us through this tour. All the remains is a little more time before we are home with all of you.
LTC Kenneth Chavez

As you can see in the reprinted article above, our soldiers need our help. We have set up a collection box at White River Electric. Cash donations may be made to me at 1089 Garfield, Meeker, Colo. Cash will be converted to supplies and mailed. If you have any questions, please call me at (970) 878-4454. We appreciate any help with this project.
Jack Mohnhaupt
Dear Editor,
The purpose of this letter is to provide the public with an update of the March 28 domestic disturbance incident at the Valley Motel.
Matters such as this typically involve investigative work at multiple levels. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has opened and is continuing its investigation of the incident. Upon completion of the CBI investigation, the report will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office for its review. The Meeker Police Department will also be conducting an administrative investigation. We are awaiting the conclusion of those investigations.
When those investigations are concluded, we expect that there will be additional information to be shared with the public.
We appreciate your understanding that we live in a complex era where competing interests and concerns must be balanced, and we look forward to updating you with more information following the conclusion of the investigations.
Steve Loshbaugh, Mayor of Meeker
Mandi Etheridge, Mayor-elect of Meeker