Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2008

Dear Editor,
There have been a lot of changes this winter at the food bank in Rangely. First: we are no longer the Interfaith Food Bank. Now we are Rangely Food Bank, Inc.
We found it necessary to become a corporation, as many people thought we were supported by the churches, and the the tax identification number had been outdated, making it difficult to obtain the grants we needed to keep food in our pantry.
I want to thank those who have donated food items and cash donations; the congregation at the First Baptist Church who have a separate donation for the food bank and their young people who went out and collected canned goods; White River Market that donated much needed bread and meat. Chevron donated $4,500 to get us through our transition and keep our pantry full of the needed items.
There are so many residents in Rangely who have helped us that I cannot list them all, but you know who you are. A big thank you to them as well.
We are looking for a new building that we can buy so that we can again take donations, and have a second had store to enable us to support the food bank, and maybe give disabled and low-income seniors a place to work.
That is my goal for the Rangely Food Bank, and I know with a little help we can achieve that goal soon.
Darlene Feller
Rangely Food Bank

Dear Editor,
My letter is directed to the city management in Rangely. I have a concern and a question regarding the appearance of our fair town. As I drive around the town I am struck by the amount of junk and trash that accumulates in yards and fields. My wife and I have lived here for three years and have always tried to keep our lawns mowed and our surroundings neat and presentable. But as I drive through town, on any number of streets, there is a continuously growing pile of garbage, trash and what-not throughout the city.
Does our town have a regulation that encourages the residents to keep their property presentable? Does our town have a regulation that encourages property owners to keep the weeds at a manageable level, for example the open property on White and Raven that is a breeding ground for weeds every year.
I commend those who try so hard to keep their property nice and lovely for themselves and their neighbors, but we also need to work hard to make those who have personal trash piles clean those up also.
Sid Lawrence

Dear Editor,
It was with some dismay that I read of our town’s plans to construct new educational facilities. While I appreciate, at some level, the reasoning behind the plan, I cannot be anything but alarmed at the prospect, for the following reasons:
1. From the standpoint of God’s word, I am only responsible for the education of my own children (Ephesians 6.4). Why then should I not object to being “taxed into” paying for the education of other’s children?
2. As a Christian why must I support an institution that is at odds with my core values? Public education has a proven track record of not only opposing but seeking to undermine Christian values and beliefs.
3. All education is religious, in that it assumes some sort of truth claims and so an ultimate source of authority. On what grounds may my tax dollars be used to support an institution that is overtly religious? Whatever happened to separation of church and state?
I could go on, but sufficient to say a much better use could be found for $24 million.
Rev. Rogers Meredith

Dear Editor,
To all Western Rio Blanco Recreation and Park District residents and property taxpayers: The Elks Park Playground will be opening Friday, June 20. The special event will take place from 5-8 p.m. with refreshments being served. All are encouraged to come down and play and enjoy this new equipment. Thank you for your patience and support in passing the bond to make this happen!
The Recreation Center construction documents will be 100 percent complete on June 18 and after review by the district and FCI, the general contractor, these documents will be put out to bid. We are anticipating construction to begin in mid- to late July. I will keep you posted once we get a clearer picture of when the target start date is.
Also, the Rangely Public School District approved for the Western Rio Blanco Recreation and Park District to utilize part of the EEC (Early Education Center) as a makeshift recreation center while the construction occurs. The Recreation Center will need to be closed due to the total pool remodel, electrical/mechanical remodel. I would like to thank the Rangely Public School District for its willingness to allow us to use this facility. There will be an update as to when we will be moving into the EEC.
Thank you for continued patience and support. Please call me at (970) 675-8211 should you have any questions.
Timothy J. Webber
Western Rio Blanco Recreation and Park District