Letters to the Editor: March 27, 2008

Dear Editor,
Students and parents in the Meeker International Ecology Program gratefully acknowledge the generous support from Williams Production RMT Company and the Williams Field Services Group, who together have contributed $2,900 to help fund the costs of our expedition to Costa Rica later this spring.
Dean Tinsley, director, Piceance Highlands Asset Team; James Quintana, director of operations, Williams-Midstream; and Susan Alvillar organized and coordinated the contributions.
The students are looking forward to the trip with eager anticipation. They will help to monitor leatherback turtles, restore turtle nesting beaches and also help to re-plant clear-cuts in the Costa Rican rainforest.
Bob Dorsett
Meeker High School

Dear Editor,
It has been almost three years since the original publication of my book “The Reality of Rangely.” Since that time four people have made comments about the accuracy of some of the information. I suspect that there may be others who have found, or think they have found, factual misinformation but, for whatever reason, have chosen not to contact me. This would be unfortunate.
I am in the process of revising the original book to correct all the typos and other errors that have been discovered in the process of thoroughly going over the book several times.
Also, to include new information discovered since publication. In the book several questions were raised concerning information.
If anyone can answer any of these questions or know of other possible misinformation please contact me at (970) 675-2392. I want the limited second edition to be as accurate as is humanly possible.
There are still 10 copies remaining of the original publication available for sale.
Yours truly,
Robert Haag
Dear Editor,
I want to say “Thank you, Grace Rood.” My grandson, Alex, has been staying with me since December and attending Parkview Elementary School. He started school in January and was received with open arms by the school and staff. Mary Lansing, the principal, gave him a hug when he arrived. Alex was made to feel very special upon his return to school.
Grace Rood, his teacher, has done wonders in helping Alex learn to read. Alex now loves reading and wants to read everything that he sees. Thank you to Grace Rood and the all the teachers and staff at Parkview Elementary for their extra help with Alex. Alex has just bloomed at Parkview!
Phyllis Henley