Letters to the Editor: March 29, 2012

The Walbridge ballot question
Dear Editor:
As a trustee of the town of Meeker, I encourage you to vote in our current election. 
We have received many questions concerning the town of Meeker ballot question. At the present time, the town of Meeker owns a portion of the property that the Walbridge Wing facility is constructed on (the legal description noted in the ballot question).
A “yes” vote on the ballot question will allow the Eastern Rio Blanco County Health Service District (ERBCHSD) to own both the property and the portion of the building that is currently owned by the town. It would also transfer the assets and funds of the Meeker Hospital fund to the ERBCHSD to be used only to defray “the cost and maintenance of the existing Walbridge Memorial Convalescent Wing or its replacement, if any.”
ERBCHSD was required to submit a service plan as a part of the process when the district was formed.  The service plan the district agreed upon includes providing a nursing home.  If the ballot question is approved, the transfer will maintain the integrity and original intent of the Walbridge Wing and remove the town as an intermediary agent.  
If you have further questions, I would be happy to answer them. Please get your ballot mailed in or drop it at town hall. 
Thank you for your consideration.
Regas Halandras
Town of Meeker Mayor Pro-Tem

The 1.5 percent
Dear Editor:
“For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know!” (Vietnam, unknown).
Only 1.5 percent of eligible males have served in the United States military during the last 10 years. They are mainly from rural areas and they protect 98.5 percent of the rest of us! I believe if you have not fought for America, you do not have a clue what happens to a person during war!
I have been watching the call for death for the U.S. soldier who murdered the Afghanistan civilians. I do not condone this act in any way, but I understand that he needs court martialed and a long term mental health treatment. We the protected, along with the military, have made this individual — all of you!
I couldn’t help noticing an irony. There is all this clamor to try this guy quickly, never mind his having suffered a traumatic brain injury on his second tour of duty in Iraq, he should have been medically discharged! He was on his fourth tour, serving his country, when this terrible event occurred.
Yet this Major Hasan, who shot up Fort Hood while screaming “Allah akbar,” still hasn’t stood trial, and they are still debating whether he is insane, even with the clear evidence regarding his motive: slay as many infidels as possible. So we have a guy in a war zone who cracks, and he must be executed immediately. But this Muslim psychiatrist who was stateside in a nice safe office all day murders 13, wounds 29 of our own guys, and they try to argue the poor lad suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome — from listening to real soldiers who had actual battle experience! Two and a half years later, they still haven’t tried the murderous b******.
If the average American will not understand what has happened to this soldier’s mind, then I guess the 1.5 percent should just stay safe at home and let the 98.5 percent deal with the security of the United States of America!
Sgt. Tom Kilduff
USMC – ‘Nam 1967-68-69
(2 years, 9 months)

Cross defaced
Dear Editor:
I would like to address the people that continue to deface the cross about four miles up Dragon Wash Road.
This cross may not mean anything to you but it has meaning for those of us that have lived in the Rangely area most or all of our lives. Whether you attend church or find God in the great outdoors, the cross has been there since the late 1940’s. It was put up by the different churches that were here during that time period.
The cross has a different meaning for different people. Whatever your beliefs or lack of, please leave the cross alone. It isn’t there for your destructive pleasure. Not everything needs to be defiled, torn up or torn down. If you don’t have a belief in God, fine, no one is trying to push anything off onto you. Just don’t be destructive to something that has meaning for other people.
The cross was shot up by shotgun shells and the arms torn off sometime in late December to early January. Unfortunately this is not the first time that the cross has been destroyed. If anyone has any information on the person or persons that continue to shoot up the cross please contact the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office and report these people.
As a community let’s keep an eye on the cross and make note of anyone that is acting suspicious to prevent it from being torn down. Everyone is invited to the Easter Sunrise services each Easter Sunday. It is a non-denominational service.
Margaret Slaugh

Vandals asked to stop
Dear Editor:
Since 1950, Rangelyites have met together for an Easter Sunrise Service at a location on Dragon Road. It’s been a collective effort by many people and many churches each year. It’s a simple place to host an important event. The cross at this worship site has been vandalized or destroyed — a lot — over these years. There’s a good contingency of people that check on the cross in the days before Easter. In the past five years, it’s been an annual requirement to either stand it back up or replace it. An entire new cross was erected in recent years, made from three 2x8s glued and bolted together — a great job! The bad news: this past winter the arms of the cross were cut off. The tool of choice? Twelve gauge shotguns! From near point blank range. It was no accident! A guess would be five boxes or more of slugs were used. While doing some research about the Sunrise Services in Rangely, I am reminded by news articles that each spring means the release of cabin fever and the celebration of spring fever by vandalism in many forms. This, sadly is just another victim.
The Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Office is aware of this trend and have offered assistance in the future, hoping to avoid or dissuade the offenders. This is a place that’s used once a year, for an hour or so, but is important to many. There are also people who appreciate this spot year round. Perhaps, by more awareness, we can preserve this spot, without annual time, effort and materials, being wasted needlessly.
Thank you for listening and see you at Easter Sunrise Service!
Kelvin White