Letters to the Editor: May 21, 2020

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PMC and Meeker Family Health are open
Dear Editor:
As I travel around town, I am often asked “Is the hospital open?” Yes, Pioneers Medical Center and Meeker Family Health Center are open. We are here for you. It is important to stay proactive with your healthcare needs.
Please make sure your babies are staying current on their immunizations. Make sure you are staying current with your annual wellness exams. Continuing to manage any chronic disease such as hypertension or diabetes is very important.
We have put several new practices in place to strengthen the safety of everyone. Meeker Family Health Center has three ways to “see” a doctor while practicing social distancing.
Drive-Up Respiratory Clinic: Are you suffering from respiratory symptoms? Pioneers Medical Center has a Respiratory Clinic to provide care for these types of sicknesses. The Respiratory Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 1-4 p.m. Outside of these hours please call the main clinic at 970-878-4014 to set up an appointment.
Telehealth Service: Call Meeker Family Health Center at 970-878-4014. You will still make an appointment, and Medical Assistant will provide a link for you to use at your designated appointment time. At your appointment time, use the link sent to you by Pioneers. Click on the link and connect.
Traditional office visit: Meeker Family Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. to noon.
Additionally, we have set up extra precautions. Upon entering the main entrance, emergency department or physical therapy, patients will have their temperature taken and be asked a series of questions. Many of our guests are part of a vulnerable population, so we ask that everyone entering the building wear a mask. If you don’t have one, one will be provided. We have set our lobby areas to accommodate social distancing.
So if you have been staying away, please don’t. We are here and ready to help with your healthcare needs.

Dr. Kellie Turner
Chief of Staff
Pioneers Medical Center

Avey for commissioner
Dear Editor:
I have known Mona for more years than we want to admit. Mona is very dedicated and hardworking, she has donated a lot of her own time going to meetings in preparation for the position of County Commissioner. Mona is a tenacious fighter and will fight for what is right for Rio Blanco County. I trust Mona to do what needs to be done to take the County into the future. Mona has my vote in the upcoming primary election.

Scott Nielsen

Bantas for Avey
Dear Editor:
This letter is in support of Mona Avey as a candidate for Rio Blanco County Commissioner.
This is a difficult time in America to say the least. Particularly in the political arena. Most of the politicians seem to struggle between the truth and lying. It is unclear if some even know the difference. There is also a perceived feeling of entitlement: an entitlement of making decisions based on their personal belief, forgetting they were elected by the people.
In a small county such as Rio Blanco she thinks. You might not like opinion, but you will always have the truth from her. We honestly believe she will work for the betterment of your county. If she does not know the answer, she will work to find the answer.
Mona has lived in Rio Blanco County for most of her life. She chooses to stay. She is choosing to work for you. Mona has said as one of her platform stances is that she wants to make the voice of Rio Blanco County heard past the county level. Even for a small rural county, that mission is critical in order to maintain a visibility within the state and nationally. There are many resources locally that should not be ignored, overused or wasted. With a farming, ranching, and small business background Mona can advocate for Rio Blanco in ways that will be both beneficial and heard.
Derry and I were both born and raised in Rangely and even though we no longer live there our hearts will always remain there. Our vote would definitely be cast in support of Mona Avey for Rio Blanco County Commissioner.

Diane and Derry Banta
Former Rangely residents

Avey the best candidate by a long shot
Dear Editor:
I writing in support of Mona Avey’s bid to become the Republican nominee for Rio Blanco County Commissioner District 3. In these uncertain times that our area is facing (loss of mineral extraction, wolf introduction, etc.) we need our locally elected representatives now more than ever to push back against the State and Federal Government in order to protect our local customs and culture. Rio Blanco County is one of the most conservative areas in the entire State of Colorado and I think that our local leadership should reflect the values of the majority of the people that are lucky to call this place home. Mona is the best qualified candidate in this race because she not only reflects these values but is willing to do what is necessary to go to bat for the people of Rio Blanco County. Mona is genuine, approachable, a common sense thinker, willing to make tough decisions and, unlike her opponent has not used a taxpayer funded position and its resources to campaign throughout the past year. When your primary ballot arrives, vote Mona Avey Republican Candidate for County Commissioner District 3.

Matt Scott

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