Letters to the Editor: May 6, 2021

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Board of health

Dear Editor:

Public officials nominally advocate for public health and safety.  That should apply, particularly, to representatives on a County Health Board.  

Mr. Prystupa’s comments on vaccination, presented in public session and reported in your pages last week, are completely misguided and contrary to established medical knowledge.  His recommendations, if adopted by our commissioners, threaten the health of this community.  

Mr. Prystupa boasts that he is perfectly healthy despite avoiding vaccines.  I am glad for his well-being.  That is the result, in large part, because the rest of us got our immunizations – measles, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, influenza, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, human papilloma virus and a list of others specific to international travelers or specific circumstances.  He hasn’t been exposed to those infections because the rest of us follow recommendations long established by rigorous science.  The COVID vaccines, like those others, have proven safe and effective.  Our commissioners should stop the ideological nonsense and encourage their use.  

Dr. Bob Dorsett

Penny drive success

Dear Editor:

A big “thank you” from Mountain Valley Bank to our business community and to all of you that took the time to take pennies to your favorite business.  As a result of your efforts 40,289 pennies were collected as a part of our Red Letter Day Penny Drive!  Our Penny Drive contest winner was Grant Family Dentistry with 11,051 pennies.  McGuire Auto fought a good fight and came in second with 8,980 pennies!  We are thrilled to award Blanco Cellars and The Little Cheese Shop cheese boards to these businesses for the excitement and competitive spirit that they brought to the event. 

Mountain Valley Bank is proud to match these pennies and make a total donation of $805.78 to be shared between the Meeker Education Foundation and Hope West. 

Thank you for helping us celebrate our community and the history of our building.  We love our community!

Tawny S. Halandras
Meeker Market President
Mountain Valley Bank

Meeker just saved my life

Dear Editor:

I was completely overwhelmed with love at the auction April 17 to raise funds for my cancer treatment. After a really hard year, people were able to gather and put everything else aside and lift us up. 

I truly feel like Meeker saved my life. You lifted us up and supported us. We are so humbled and grateful. Thank you all so much for your love and kindness.

Special thanks to the following individuals for organizing the event: Janelle Borchard, Carinda Otte, Ashley Garcia, Vanessa Trout, Stephanie Hanson Kobald, Rachel Gates and Jessica Creecy. 

A huge shout out to Larin and Danielle and staff at Chippers for hosting the event and for donating half of all money spent on drinks.

Thank you to Watts, the Mexican House, and The Fork for donating all the delicious eats served at the benefit!

Thank you to Matt and Shana Holliday for dazzling us with your musical talents!

Thanks to Jim and Julie, Jill, Andrea, Andy, and Chris and Jenessa for making the trip.

Much appreciation to the many organizations and individuals who donated items and services for the auction: Blanco Cellars and The Little Cheese Shop, Brett Borchard, Kevin and Hannah Borchard, Robin Bragg, Geri Camera, Rosaly Coombs at White River Aesthetics, Crystal Meadow Farms, Pat Daggett, DT Dirtworx, Stephanie Kobald, Emily Gerloff, GM Meats, Grammies Oven Bakery, Hair Hut, Sarah Grimes and Megan Hanberg, Christine Halandras, Hanging J Photography, Andrea Hazelton, Heather Hilgenkamp, Karen Home Services, Little Green Truck Floral, Meeker Collision, Meeker General Mercantile, Meeker Golf Course, Mountain Charisma, Nana Goose Interior and Gifts, Jared and Bri Nay, Off the Olive Branch, Paragon Snowmobile Adventures, Pioneers Hospital Administration, Restored Grace, Randy and Teresa Ridgeway, Rio Blanco Herald Times, Rivers Bend Outfitting, Rocky Mountain Bowstrings, Liz Sellers, Christian Siriano, Quinton and Jordi Smith, Smoking River Brewing Company, Smoking River CBD, Theos Ranch, Trail & Hitch RV Park and Tiny Home Hotel, Trappers Lake Lodge and Resort, Ryan Trout, Vital Awareness, Wendll’s and White River Roasters, White River Bakery, Laurie Whiteman, Women Against Breast Cancer, and of course, Jason Dunham.

Thank you again, to the people of this community for your love and caring support to our family. We love you. 

Karen Iacuone

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