Letters to the Editor: Oct. 18, 2012

Flag Creek school
Dear Editor:
My cousin Clara Buchanan’s surname was misspelled as Bucanan in your history of Lime Kiln article. (Clara subsequently married my granddad’s brother, Burnham Smith, becoming my Aunt Clara.)
Mother (Margaret Smith Isaac) described the first Flag Creek schoolhouse as a nice log building with two cloak rooms at the front, one for the boys and one for the girls.
Within the school year, this fine new building burned. An elderly neighbor was driving cattle by one day after school, and decided to stop and warm himself by the banked fire. Looking into the stove at the freshly banked fire (that was to last through the night and until the teacher returned in the morning to refresh it), he decided that she had put in too much fuel. So he took some of it out. It was not known for certain, but it was thought that some live coals were dropped on the floor.
The next morning when the teacher rode over the hill from her boarding place with the Walter Brown’s, she was met by one of the parents who lived near the school. There was no school that day.
It was decided to continue the school year in a small building on the Elby Howey ranch. And so school was held in his dooryard for the remainder of that year.
John R. Isaac
Littleton, Colo.

Gallegos for CU Regent
Dear Editor:
I want you to know that I am voting for Glen Gallegos for University of Colorado Regent.
He is the right person for this job. Here is why.
He has excellent experience in K-16 education as an educator for 26 years, assistant superintendent in District 51 schools, president of the board of trustees for Colorado Mesa University, Western Colorado Community College, etc…
Just look at CMU and the growth that has happened there.
Glen has been a successful businessman as president of a family business, the Gallegos Corporation, which has 1,000 employees in a five-state area.
His whole life he has passionately given back to the communities he worked and lived in both financially and with his time.
Glen believes CU should be affordable, accessible and accountable. He has the knowledge, experience and passion to make this happen.
Please Vote for Glen Gallegos for University of Colorado Regent- Third Congressional District. www.glengallegoscuregent.com
Judy Bryce
Aurora, Colo.

Rational argument for Sal Pace
Dear Editor:
If there’s one thing Congress has proven in the last four years it’s that it can’t get anything done. Our political system has become an unmanageable log jam thanks in large part to an unwillingness on the conservative side of the aisle to negotiate or compromise in good faith. It’s like Congress has forgotten what it’s there for. Do you remember? Congress is supposed to move our country ahead; to protect its people, to improve the quality of life toward for all the people of the United States; young, old, rich, poor, men, women, gay, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and the ever-burdened middle class.
We wring our hands over countries who are building their economies, learning new ways to feed and care for their people, those countries who rattle their sabers at America or who outflank us in science, mathematics and nation-building. Yet Congress sits like truculent school children who would rather hold their breaths until they turn blue before cooperating for the good of the nation as a whole.
Let’s look at voting records for a minute. Scott Tipton votes a straight Republican party line which has much more to do with making President Obama a “one-term president” than working to better our country on behalf of the American people. Consensus building? Forget about it! Compromise? No way! Reach across the aisle to find common ground? Not a chance! No folks, Mr. Tipton would rather hold his breath until he turns blue.
Take a look at Sal Pace’s voting record. Mr. Pace has earned the reputation of being a consensus builder and working with his opposite number in the Colorado Legislature to find common ground and build relationships with conservative legislators. He will vote with his political rivals in the name of working for the People of Colorado, not his political party or political ‘business partners’ to whom his vote is owed.
Suppose President Obama is re-elected, a very strong possibility this late in the campaign. What do you think is going to happen? I can tell you, more of the same — Tipton will hold his breath again and again and the legislative log jam will continue to get worse and worse.
Sal Pace, on the other hand, will focus on the issues before him, work with all his colleagues in Congress to chart a new path for America. He will work toward economic prosperity for Colorado and the country, find real, sustainable solutions to America’s health care problems, help our young people to get the education they need to be productive members of the workforce and equip them to take command of our country’s future; all this regardless of who is president.
So who do you want working for you in Washington, Mr. “More-of-the-Same” or Sal Pace? The choice is clear, vote for the person who will work with both sides of the aisle to make American stronger.
Vote for Sal Pace.
John Egan
Pagosa Springs, Colo.