Letters to the Editor: RBC clerk on recall, Response to Dr. Dorsett

Moyer recall petition declared invalid

Dear Editor:

In the final order, reference was made to C.R.S. 30-11-103.5 which county petitions are governed by. Other statutes referred to are CRS 31-11-106(1), CRS 31-11-106(4), CRS 30-11-106(5) and CRS 31-11-101.

The above statutes referred to all sections of any petition being pre-numbered serially before circulation, a “printer’s proof” being approved by the clerk before petition circulation and the circulators must wear badges.

The Clerk and Recorder was not aware of any of those statutes and was guided entirely by Election Law in Title 1, Article 12, Recall and Vacancies in Office.

The petition sections were not pre-numbered, the petitions were printed in the Clerk and Recorder’s office so there was no printer’s proof and the circulators did not wear badges.

The playing field through all of this was very uneven when you consider it was the BOCC’s attorney Todd Starr and Moyer’s attorney Ms. Tahari against the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

In my opinion, it’s too bad that this can override the will of the 879 RBC citizens who signed the petition to recall Gary Moyer.

Lesson learned and it won’t happen again.

Boots Campbell
RBC citizen and voter

Response to medical doctor Bob Dorsett

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Dr. Dorsett for your letter to the editor published in the May 6, 2021, edition.

The reason that I am vaccine-free is because of our family medical doctor, Dr. John Maloney, who practiced in Springfield, Massachusetts. I was five years old, when Mom asked him about vaccines. His response was: “Well, you know, Carol, it doesn’t make sense to me – to inject healthy kids with disease.”

This is why my family has not partaken of the “benefits” of injecting disease into healthy kids for three generations. People seemed startled when I admitted that I have not and do not – get sick. Why would I? I have a healthy and intact immune system to protect me from all infectious disease. Something vaccines can never do.

So, yes, I have a different perspective than medicine. I challenge you, and all your medical colleagues to produce any evidence that the immune system is incapable of protecting the human from disease. In fact, why don’t you and I conduct a public debate on this critical issue?

You defend the current role of medicine in health care.

I will challenge that role. For example, what right does medicine have to monopolize the treatment of disease? Why should private citizens be forced to submit to medical care? You show how warranted that control is — from the literature — and I will challenge that control and defend freedom of choice in health care?

I am quite certain that that the health interests of the citizens of Rio Blanco County would be well-served by such an open discussion and presentation of the facts. Perhaps, a public venue can be afforded that would allow audience participation with a Q and A period?

When I investigated what the role of health commissioner was, I noted that: “The Public Health Board utilizes science-based strategies to promote the health of the community; prevent disease, injury and premature death; and to respond to environmental threats and emergencies that could impact human health.”

As a scientist, researcher, and practicing doctor, I have volunteered to represent the health interests of my neighbors — and their children. Yes, I do protest the masking of the children. There is no scientific reason for doing so. It is a crime against humanity to do so. They demonstrated immunity to a weak virus. WHO masked the children?

Here is a very good question: How can a vaccine, that does not contain the disease agent — in this case the COVID virus — how can that injection possibly provide protection against the missing agent? There is no virus in this injection. How can it protect against the absent virus? What is your response? Let’s talk about it — in public — with the recording equipment on. Look forward to our debate for the benefit of our neighbors in Meeker and Rangely. No excuses accepted.

Yours truly,
Dr. Jeff Prystupa

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