Letters to the Editor: Sept. 13, 2012

Government agenda
Dear Editor:
In his book “Injustice,” (Regnery, 2011), J. Christian Adams documents shenanigans pulled by the U.S. Department of Justice under the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder with, no doubt, complete and full knowledge and approval of President Obama. A voter intimidation case, fully recorded on video, was dropped by DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Their agenda includes bizarre things such as insisting on the rights of children to attend school dressed as transvestites and of teachers to attend Mecca on paid vacations.
The most insidious action is careful screening of new lawyers to assure only radical leftists are hired. This new cadre will be difficult to remove, even by a new president with different views regarding “equal justice for all.” It is like having a cancer in our government that can only be nibbled at on the edges. The “fast and furious” debacle, which resulted in the death of one of our lawmen, has led to a high government official, Holder, being held in contempt of Congress. How bad can it get?
How did voters of our country elect a president who skirts the law so consistently and gathers a staff composed of mostly Marxists and communists upon whom he relies for advice and recommendations? How can intelligent voters even consider giving President Obama another four years as president of the United States?
Dick Prosence

Septemberfest thanks
Dear Editor:
Septemberfest is truly a special event that all enjoy!
This letter is to thank the many that contribute to the success of this community event in which no single person or entity can take the credit for its success. This event is truly successful because of the sponsorship of companies and volunteers; without either one this event would fail!
The following sponsors not only support this event but support its community and its workers in the same: Chevron, Shell Oil, Enterprise Gas Processing LLC, Moon Lake Electric Assn., Subway of Rangely, Napa Auto Parts, Blue Mountain Inn and Suites, Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant, First National Bank of the Rockies Rangely, Rangely True Value Hardware, Bill Hume Nichols Store, White River Market Rio Blanco Board of County Commissioners, Rangely Town Council, Water Conservancy District, Rangely Police Department, Rangely Rural Fire Protection District, Rangely Hospital District, L.E Dangler Masonry of Grand Junction (donated the block, rebar and labor to build a fire pit large enough to cook 1,300 pounds of beef), and the Western Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District.
Rangely is blessed with many people who step up and dig in to help make this a truly community event! This event starts out as it always has with Peggy Rector calling me and emailing me with the steps needed to ensure that this event goes off smoothly. She orders the spices and coordinates all of the transition for getting the beef seasoned and ordered as well as contacting True Value Hardware for the donation of the water (2,000 bottles this year), Subway of Rangely donated enough dinnerware, napkins and potato chips to feed 2,000 people, Bill Hume of Nichols store delivers the food and ice to the event and not to mention the use of his equipment to keep the potato salad and macaroni salad donated by the Rangely District Hospital cool. I’m sure that I am not including all of the steps but this is about two months’ worth of work in itself. Without the generous cash donations from the companies I have listed above this event would not be successful! Please contact them or send a letter to them or the editor to thank them they are truly remarkable companies.
Volunteers are very valuable, if not the heart of this event, and all should be recognized! If I have left anyone off of this list is not intended to be and it needs to be recognized! In fact if I miss your name please notify me and I will correct it and also will let you punch me in the nose. First, a thank you goes out again to our sponsors, then I shall move on to Peggy Rector, Jeff Rector, Rebecca Rector and Brian Rector who all pour much of their time and efforts into this event!
The four day weekend event started off with the ATV mud bog and the tug of war which was coordinated by Kirsten Cushman, Natalie Kurrasch, and Bethany Green of the Recreation and Park District. The event was well attended with few ATVs participating; the kids there did get muddy! Saturday morning started off with about 60 or so participants in the Buzzard 5K race/walk with Bill Laster, Teresa Laster, Peggy Massey, Jamie Richens and Kirsten Cushman of the Recreation and Park District coordinating this event. Soon after the start of this race, Rodger Polley of True Value Hardware took 20 or so interested parties on a ghost town tour and I believe they all made it back as I have seen Rodger out and about in the community; not a hard guy to miss. The Bulls ‘n’ Bogeys event was well attended and many laughs were had by the participants at the golf course. Police Chief Vinnie Wilczek, Roy Kinney and the PD staff started off the bike rally with 60 customers getting their bikes inspected, licensed and a free bike helmet to boot, and had a great time pedaling through the obstacle course to test and show their abilities! Next the day in the park started off with Billy Estes and his parks crew, and the entire CNCC men’s basketball team set up and put away the inflatables to which the recreation and park district added a 13 foot high water slide along with an aqua bouncer for the younger at heart. We did add a 25 foot double lane water slide to our arsenal but it will not be here until late September, therefore in 2013 it will be set up for use! The chili cook off had 13 participants and many samplers that attended the event. Rain, thunder, wind and lightning filled the time slot from the chili cook off until the third annual Rock ‘n’ Bulls Rodeo hosted by the CNCC rodeo team and Jed Moore at the helm. Many participated but few could stay on. (Note to self: take bull riding off of my bucket list!)
Sunday proved to be another beautiful day with members from the Elks Club, Jeff and Brian Rector going out to the Trap Club; starting the fire to burn enough wood (all day long – 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.) for the cooking of the beef. Thank you Bud and June Striegel for donating the wood! Next the museum hosted their annual ice cream social with several folks coming out to taste the scrumptious delicacies. We had several spectators for the cardboard boat races with a few racers participating; this event will definitely grow next year as people have a better understanding of what the event really is. Later that evening the weather changed and threatened the fireworks show but Billy Estes, his parks crew, Andy Shafer, fire chief and the volunteer fire fighters and several volunteers gave us a show that would rival any in the state and the country! A big thanks to the Water Conservancy District and the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, and the Rangely Police Department for their assistance in this event; your help is much appreciated! Great job and hats off to all for their efforts!
Monday is the day that wears you out as a volunteer! It is also very rewarding to see all who come out and enjoy this day talking, laughing, running, walking and the list goes on! The Rangely Rural Fire Protection District did another fantastic job with the pancake breakfast; not sure how many attended but I know I was a happier customer. While this was going on Bethany Green, Natalie Kurrasch, Colleen and Peter Brixius were in the park getting arts and crafts vendors to their designated spots as well as taking care of any last minute needs for the vendors; to the one volunteer that I got a cup of coffee for, it was my pleasure. The parade was awesome again this year; thank you to all who participated a special thanks goes out to Diane Sizemore for doing the announcing for the parade! Right after the parade Jeff and Brian Rector and I went out and uncovered the giant cooker to retrieve the beef. It smelled so good that we had a taste test first to make sure it was suitable to serve; and it was! We then transported the beef to the park. Upon arriving at the park, the Rangely Rock Crawlers and the volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Rangely Ward, and the entire CNCC men’s baseball team got the meal ready to serve. The watermelon was also a new menu item this year, thanks to Peggy Rector and Heath GeBauer for cutting up all of that tasty watermelon! Thanks again to the Rangely Rural Fire Protection District for delivering and letting us use their tables for the serving line! Thanks to Jerry LeBleu, his family and friends for putting on yet another outstanding car show. The time and efforts put into the car show is a special event in itself, thank you! The duck race went off with a splash and I am disappointed again this year as my duck did not win, in fact, I heard it sank. Maybe next year! The day was spectacular and was finished off with a magician at the high school where we were treated to a fantastic show sponsored by Brad and Michelle Casto, owners of Napa Auto Parts!
Thank you to the Western Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District Board of Directors and its employees for another fantastic way to end a summer and get ready for the later part of the year!
Respectfully Submitted,
Timothy J. Webber
Executive Director
WRBM Rec. and Park District