Locals planning arts and cultural council

MEEKER I More than a dozen locals recently gathered for an organizational and planning meeting for the Meeker Arts and Cultural Council (MACC) and plan to meet again in January for a more detailed and planning workshop.
“We had 14 community members, including four Meeker High School Drama club members, all were enthusiastic in their participation and had some great ideas for performing and fine arts programs,” Bob Amick, one of the organizers and supporters of the MACC, said.
An email from Gary and Laurie Zellers, MACC coordinators, announcing the first meeting as important because “arts and cultural councils are often required and essential point organizations necessary for eligibility to apply for philanthropic grant funding for arts enhancements.”
Organizers acknowledge Meeker’s history of appreciation and encouragement of performing arts and fine arts programs for the youth and adults of the community and recognize the need to improve and increase such opportunities by expanding programs and seek available funding from state and national endowments and philanthropic organizations, as well as individual donors.
Amick said the Zellers attended a Colorado Creative Industries (CCI, formerly named the Colorado Council on the Arts) listening tour in Glenwood Springs, the same day as the meeting and shared “some very useful information on grants programs and organizing arts and cultural councils in rural communities.”
Amick said the meeting’s brainstorming session was productive and “some excellent ideas were synthesized from the group discussion and breakout sessions.”
Amick said a CCI consultant plans to attend MACC’s next meeting to provide guidance for further organization and direction of the local council.
Many community-based plays, musicals and community concerts have been performed in the MHS auditorium, most recently the ERBM Recreation District’s Center Stage Youth Theatrical Group’s presentation of Annie, Jr. and the Community Chorale’s Christmas cantana.
Despite difficult economic times, the MACC believes funding and resources can be found and directed to greatly enhance the performing and fine arts programs for the youth and adults of the Meeker community.


  1. Dear Friends of the performing and fine Arts,

    The Meeker Arts and Cultural Council (MACC) first meeting for 2011, will be held

    Date: Wednesday, February 2nd
    Time: 6:30 pm
    Location: Kilowatt Korner, White River Electric Association, 233 6th St.

    Please plan to join us for this important meeting to help set the course for future
    performing and fine arts programs for the youth and adults of the Meeker Community.

    An agenda will be sent out prior to the meeting, and minutes and reports from the
    previous December meeting will also be shared.

    Refreshments will be served.

    We look forward to seeing you on Feb. 2nd!

    MACC has an e-mail list serve. To subscribe, send an e-mail with your e-mail address and your name to:


    All meetings and announcements will be provided to subscribers via this list serve.


    Gary and Laurie Zellers,
    MACC Coordinators

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