Loose Ends: It’s still about family

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MEEKER | The real story of Thanksgiving is rooted in family. No matter what actually transpired between the Native American and the Europeans, who arrived on the shores of this New World, recognition of the importance of family and friends traditionally gathering is clear. No matter one’s material wealth, getting together to show gratitude is an annual event for most families.

This year will be no different. Many families will be gathering together by sitting down in front of a table or desk, facing a computer screen and getting together “virtually” on Thanksgiving Day. I am grateful that I am able to still see my family and friends, as years ago I felt awful about missing the meal with my far-flung family,

Many members of my extended family have been working and going to school remotely for months, so they could be said to be burned out of “Zoom.” I have been lucky enough to see some of my immediate family members “up close and personal” and have not tired of daily digital communication yet.

I think back to my conversations with so many pioneer family members who remembered how hard it was to do without their loved ones on holidays especially. My plans this year include the time-honored favorites of eating turkey, watching football, and most of all spending the day with family. Even if a few of the family’s faces will be visible from a small computer screen, the important thing is we can still be together. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

By DOLLY VISCARDI – Special to the Herald Times