Loose Ends: Reason, is that you?

MEEKER I I haven’t heard the timeworn phrase, “It is what it is,” so much lately. Before Covid vaccinations were available, quite a few of us seemed to blurt those five little words out midstream in conversation, often accompanied by a commonly recognized gesture conveying total exasperation: both arms extended to convey the unasked question, “What are ya going to do?” 

Literally throwing our arms up collectively during those days was acceptable and a statement in itself. It was the plan of action for inaction. Many of us had had enough of feeling powerless over our lives. Anger still erupts but an undercurrent of reason from all sides of society is pushing its way to the surface. 

One might think that using a pat phrase such as “it is what it is” will make everyone do a reality check. It reminds everyone to stop fixating on the problem by accepting its presence. I am often tempted to just interject one more word — not. I got tired of hearing that too. Our problem with all of these easy-to-say statements is they prove harder to live with as time brings old problems back. 

By DOLLY VISCARDI – Special to the Herald Times