Loose Ends: Supporting the arts

Meeker has never been viewed as an especially arts-oriented community, yet there are community members who disagree with that assessment. The performing arts demonstrated by various community theater productions over the years have been part of Meeker since the community was originally founded. The visual arts have always been represented by a few local working artists, as well.
The recent formation of an arts council might come as a surprise to quite a few people but for professionals practicing their craft, working together to promote the fine arts is the next step. The local business community’s efforts to encourage and highlight the works of our own community members is laudable. Their Third Thursday Art Walks take place downtown and offer residents a chance to see the latest works of local artists.
Viewing the wide variety of mediums (painting, photography and drawing are a few), one is struck by the talent being recognized and given a chance to develop further. After all, it is the recognition of the artist’s ability to convey story and image through wide and varied media that keeps an arts community flourishing.
The arts cannot be confined to visual media, as musicians, actors and writers are considered artists as well. Since the settlement of this community in the 1880’s, various social clubs and literary societies have formed outlets for  residents interested in the cultural arts. Community theater performances were traditions throughout the years with all area residents of all ages pitching in to help. The development of an interest in the arts was fostered in school programs and one of the missions of the new arts council will be to continue to encourage young people to participate in the local theater productions.
Without the support of a community, (through participation and attendance in the various venues such as art shows or theater productions), programs promoting fine arts all too often flounder. The recent production of the musical “Grease” is a good example of community residents working together to support the performing arts in Meeker. The reports from those in attendance noted the professional touches given to the production by the actors, stage crew and the director. Mark your calendar and be ready to walk through the local business community for the next Third Thursday Art Walk. Support the arts!