MACC presents dinner theater

MEEKER I The Meeker Arts and Cultural Council (MACC) proudly presents its first performing arts dinner theatre production of an old west comedy, “Sagebrush Sidekicks” on Saturday, July 28 at the old elementary school gymnasium on Fifth and Main streets.
A delicious dinner will be served by costumed cast members beginning at 6 p.m. and the production will commence at 7 p.m. Reservations can be made and tickets may be purchased at Shepherd’s Office Outfitters at 6th and Main St., or from any cast member.
Reservations and advance purchase of tickets are requested in order to provide a head count for the dinner and seating. Tickets are $25 per person and funds will serve to provide arts and cultural opportunities for the youth and adults of the Meeker community.
The hilarious comedy centers around legendary western hero Skipalong Rafferty (played by Lathrop Hughes) who needs a new sidekick. His last three sidekicks have died under unusual circumstances. Skipalong has his personal secretary, Netti Buntline (played by Stephy Joos), hold a “sidekick contest,” which consists of various “sidekick endeavors” such as making horrible-tasting coffee, running out of bullets during a gunfight and throwing his pistol at the bad guy, chasing after a villain and losing his britches in the process, making absurd faces at the taste of a shot of “Red Eye,” escaping from a hogtie and a few other “challenges.” But bizarre accidents keep causing Skipalong to lose the services of his many personal secretaries, resulting in a tie between all four of the scruffy sidekick contestants. Now Skipalong has to make the choice himself and a few twists are going to put him in a predicament he never expected.
The Sidekicks are portrayed by a litany of hilarious veteran thespians including Collin Cochran, who plays “Grubby Fingers” with an especially colorful rendition; Caleb Dodds as “Lumpy Davenport” delighting the audience with his special brand of humor; experienced director Gary Zellers joins the cast in the role of “Fuzzy McDonald,” a particularly funny dude; Kalene Weinholdt plays “Saddlesore Sam” one of the sidekicks with a wild side; The role of “Pearl Diver,” one of the personal secretaries is played by Elizabeth Landis in an especially humorous rendition. “Hildegard Heinie,” the German school teacher is delightfully played by Shana Holliday; Meredith Deming rounds out the great cast with her zany performance as “Buffalo Becky.”
The show and the ending will delight you and give you some of the best laughs you have ever had!
This debut dinner theatre is just the first of many future community theatre and performing arts productions to be presented by MACC. All youth and adults are welcome and encouraged to join in these performing arts opportunities as actors and crew members. Your help and your participation are essential to the success of performing arts in Meeker!
For more information on MACC and the production, please contact Gary Zellers at deano65@, or phone 970-878-0554. For reservations and tickets contact Shepherd’s Office Outfitters at 970-878-5587 or email shepherdsofficeoutfitters@gmail. com. Follow MACC on Facebook.