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Rangely High School’s Student Council officer team and the high school boys basketball team hosted a “Macho Volleyball” charity game on Monday, May 10. The players participated in a few open gyms or “practices” and split into two teams. The green team chose to represent the Rangely Outdoor museum. The Rangely Outdoor Museum is dedicated to preserving our local history and has historical buildings that house exhibits from dinosaurs to drilling and the prehistoric Fremont peoples to the pioneers, ranchers, and oil field workers of the more recent times. The white team chose to represent the New Eden Pregnancy Center. The New Eden Pregnancy Center’s purpose is to encourage, and educate pregnant women in need. Their goal is to equip parents with accurate information concerning themselves, their baby, and their future together. They want to help with the many unexpected challenges that may come with pregnancy.

The volleyball itself was a huge success, raising nearly $1,000 for the local community. With a great school and community turnout in the stands, the first set was won by the green team, with the white team storming back to capture the second set. White took the third game and Green took the fourth set leading to a final tiebreaking fifth set. The fifth and final set was exciting, going back and forth to a tie at 13 points each. The white team then had two good serves in a row to earn bragging rights and to win the majority of the door donations for the New Eden Pregnancy Center. All of the boys that played in the game had a great time, and the crowd watching enjoyed it even more. In total, the boys raised $401 for the New Eden Pregnancy Center and $140 for the Rangely Outdoor Museum.

The Rangely Student Council also decided to have a donation jar at the entrance for the Cox family. Isabella Cox has been diagnosed with leukemia and is currently in Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, receiving treatment. A total of $413 was donated and will be sent to the Cox family to help support them as Isabella receives the treatment she needs.

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