Main Street improvements, grants and more

RANGELY | The Town of Rangely’s Board of Trustees met Tuesday. During supervisor reports, Janet Miller reported that four White River Village tenant recertifications were completed. The sprinkler system was repaired, common area deep cleaning has been routinely taking place, shampooing carpets, spraying exterior for elm tree beetles, Ring© door bell installation for each resident along with key lock boxes. Miller finished a three-year audit for the USDA. Miller and crew have been busy pruning and maintaining buildings/grounds and main street flowers, trees, and shrubs. Several code enforcement issues were discussed with one leading to a citation.  

Michael Dillon reported that the waterline project that began along Colorado Hwy. 139 is about 80% complete. The initial tie in was a success and a second, more complex tie in will occur in the next few weeks.  Dillon expects project completion to occur shortly after the Sept. 5 deadline.

Don Reed reported that water flows for the White River are currently at 110 cubic feet per second (CFS).  At around 80 CFS, a stage 1 water restriction would likely be put in place.  Reed does not expect any water restrictions in 2020 for the Town of Rangely.

Town Manager Update 

Lisa Piering reports that the town is moving forward with the main street improvement project.  Flashing “your speed” signs have been placed at both sides of Highway 64 where the speed limit reduces to 30 mph.  

The beloved “Town Buck” — a large mule deer buck who resided in the city limits for several years — was humanely euthanized today after the sudden onset of an unknown illness.  With the help of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Rangely residents, Town Hall will display a mount provided by Wildlife Expressions to honor the deer. 

The Dollar General store is still slated to open in October, adding a second dollar store to Main Street.  

Piering reports that all the departments are working hard and trying to complete all of their projects making sure that they use all of their town funds appropriately and come under budget when possible.  There are a couple of opportunities for GOCO grants that they will apply for and the CDOT grant that the town was awarded can be used in 2021. 

Jasper Whiston has offered his clergy services and will be sworn in at a later date as the Rangely Police Department Chaplain. 

New Business

• The board approved liquor license renewals for Giovanni’s Italian Grill and El Agave Mexican Restaurant.  

• Approved the special event liquor permit to Rangely BPOE for the Rockin’ Bulls event on Sept. 5.

• Geer moved and Garner seconded the motion to approve the July 2020 financial summary.

• Town trustees reluctantly accepted the resignation of Tyson Hacking as a trustee for the Town of Rangely.  Hacking and his family will be relocating to another state for his employer.  Mayor Shaffer and the other trustees thanked Hacking for his dedicated service.  This opens a seat on the Town Board of Trustees.  Individuals interested in serving will need to submit their letter of interest to the Town Manager by Sept.  30.

• Approved an AARP grant application and AGNC grant application to be applied to way finding signage, if received.

• Approved a CDOT grant application. If the funds are received they’ll be used to level and widen concrete areas and sidewalks around the town hall, through Ducey’s Electric parking lot and east to the old car wash. 

• Approved a $1,000 donation to help produce the 11th annual CNCC Rockin’ Bulls event on Sept. 5.  

• The Dinosaur Colorado Welcome Center has added two electric vehicle charging stations to their parking area.

• CNCC head volleyball coach Ashley Bryant invited residents to attend the CNCC Kickball Tournament Aug. 29. Along with the kickball CNCC will offer additional fun events for kids. The Chopper Dropper event will not take place during Septemberfest this year but is expected to be rescheduled for a later date.

By ROXIE FROMANG | Special to the Herald Times