MAMBA is now more than just a dance

Image by fgmsp from Pixabay

Alice and Jared Harvey stopped in at the April 16 Rec District meeting to share with the board the founding of MAMBA, the Meeker Area Mountain Biking Association.

“We are happy to announce that finally, after a couple of years of planning, we started MAMBA…about a month ago,” Alice said. “That (name) was born from our sister organization in Rifle, RAMBO, Rifle Area Mountain Biking Organization.”

Reflecting the fact that mountain biking is a growing sport in the area, some 30 people showed up at the first meeting of MAMBA on April 4.

“We discussed mission and goals. We are definitely going to be focusing on promoting the sport itself, but a big part of our focus starting out is fundraising to get bikes for people who want to get into the sport but can’t afford one, especially kids,” she said.

There will also be collaboration efforts with other entities, such as the Rec District itself as well as the Forest Service and the BLM.

Significantly, as Jared added, not everyone at the first meeting rides a mountain bike. “A lot of people just want to support the outdoor trail opportunity in one way or another,” he said. Also emphasized was the economic growth this could bring to the community.

The “kick-off event” is scheduled for Saturday, May 18 at Sanderson Park, which they have booked for the entire day at a cost of $50. There will be general information provided for those interested, group trail rides and an instruction clinic.

They are also hoping for donations from area bike shops that can be raffled off to attendees with youth again being the main focus. It is also hoped that a bike shop will provide a few demo bikes for the event.

What’s this kind of event without food, right? Some suggestions have been made to have a taco bar with smoked meats, and they are asking for other suggestions or additions.

As can safely be assumed nowadays, there is a presently a Facebook group, MAMBA, for general communication, but as things get rolling (no pun intended), there will also be an email address dedicated to the club.

As a side note, the Natural Resources Management Act has passed both the House and the Senate, and President Trump is expected to sign it into law. It is a public lands bill that expands and protects mountain bike trails and gives permanent authorization to an important funding tool.

Like the Meeker Classic and other events, it looks like MAMBA could be yet another tourist draw to Meeker.

By Doc Watson

Special to the Herald Times