Mathcounts …

Eight students from Barone Middle School competed in the regional Mathcounts competition in Grand Junction at Holy Family Catholic School on Feb. 4 The students that participated were Abbigail Moon, Carter Strate, Colby Clatterbaugh, Ryan Phelan, Tatumn Kennedy, Aspen Merrifield, Lyndsie Palmer and Kate Lockwood.
Mathcounts is a national math competition much like the National Spelling Bee. Students take a series of math tests beginning with the Sprint Round. During this test students have thirty questions to answer in 40 minutes without a calculator. This test is followed by the Target Round which is a series of four two-question tests with a calculator. After that students take the Team Test, in which four students answer 10 questions in 20 minutes with a calculator. To wrap up the day is the Countdown Round, in which the top 10 individuals dual to determine the overall individual champion.
The team had great success placing third out of 13 other schools and qualifying for the state Mathcounts Competition, March 18. Barone Middle School was edged out by Steamboat Springs Middle School which won first and Holy Family Catholic School which won second. Additionally Abbigail Moon place sixth overall as an individual and qualified for state.