Medals of valor awarded

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RBC — Rio Blanco County Sheriff Si Woodruff presented two of his officers with the department’s second highest award, the medal of valor, Dec. 3. Sergeant Patrick Darrow and Deputy Frank England were the recipients of this distinguished honor.
Sergeant Darrow received a medal for his actions Sept. 20 when he responded to a report of shots being fired from a vehicle. While he had a vehicle stopped in the Miller Creek area, one of the four passengers got out of the vehicle with a loaded AR-15 assault rifle and aimed it at Sergeant Darrow. The gunman informed the sergeant several times that he was going to be killed and demanded that the sergeant turn around so he could execute him. Sergeant Darrow not only kept his composure but also kept control of the situation while speaking to the gunman who had the assault rifle aimed at him.
Eventually, the gunman threw down the assault rifle and fled the area on foot. Sergeant Darrow showed more concern for the safety of the other three passengers by removing them from the area and potential harm than his own safety. His actions during the events of that night not only demonstrated his high level of skills and abilities but also his degree of training and professionalism.
Deputy Frank England received an award for his actions after he observed a structure fire Nov. 28. Deputy England attempted to awaken the residents in the burning home by pounding on the locked front door. When a window near the door exploded, he was able to reach in and unlock the door. Upon entering the residence, Deputy England saw the resident collapsed on the floor about seven feet inside of
the home.
Deputy England attempted to remove the resident from the home that was filled with heavy smoke and flames. The victim was pinned under a large piece of furniture. He was forced to leave the residence as the flames engulfed the victim and the room.