Meeker board continues discussion on large livestock

MEEKER | The Meeker Board of Trustees continued a discussion about the status of large livestock within town limits Tuesday. A previous discussion sparked complaints on social media.

According to Meeker Animal Control Officer Laurel Haney, changes to the code involving livestock would impact “nine to 10” households.

“We get quite a few complaints in the summer when someone moves in and brings large animals,” Haney said.

Trustees and staff discussed the importance of allowing 4-H animals in town.

“I’ve never had a complaint about a 4-H animal,” Haney said.

Complaints have mostly been about flies, odor, or the small enclosures large livestock are kept in.

Being a rare municipality that allows large livestock in town limits, is a “positive, not a detriment” for Trustee Travis Day. “Complaints need to be enforced.”

The board briefly discussed including leash laws and barking dog restrictions, but was told that was a conversation to be held separately.

In other business, the town:

  • Hired Jim Amick to serve as a Meeker Police Officer. Amick started on Feb. 6 and was welcomed “back aboard” by staff.
  • Approved a special events liquor license to the Lions Club for the Meeker Skijor event, following Public Health’s recommendations.
  • Approved a bid from Victory Motors of Craig for a police vehicle. Only two bids were received.
  • Approved the final community master plan (comprehensive plan) as approved by the Meeker Planning Commission on Feb. 8. The group will now tackle the town’s land use plan.

“We’re just starting to revise the land use code. You’ll see notices in the newspaper.”