Meeker girl wins $1,000 Sheepdog Trial scholarship

Aubrey Walsh
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Aubrey Walsh
Aubrey Walsh
MEEKER I Volunteers are the lifeblood of any vibrant community and an essential part of what led to Aubrey Walsh of Meeker being named the recipient of the 2013 Meeker Classic Memorial Scholarship.
The scholarship was established to honor exemplary volunteers who have passed away and to encourage local youth to become involved in their community. Many young people started their volunteer experience with the Meeker Classic. Engaging youth groups, schools and families, the Meeker Classic committee looks forward to working with this young generation of tomorrow’s leaders each year.
The scholarship is awarded to a Meeker High School graduate entering his/her second year of education in a two-year trade school, a two-year community college or a four-year college or university. Applicants are awarded based on their community involvement and volunteer activities, and the Meeker Classic wants to help build the next generation of volunteers and believes this scholarship is a small step towards achieving that goal.
Walsh is the 2013 recipient of the Meeker Classic Memorial Scholarship in memory of Roger Culbreath, who competed at the first Meeker Classic in 1987 and was an avid volunteer and advocate of border collies and sheepdog trials. Awarding Walsh the $1,000 for the scholarship, the Meeker Classic feels she represents the best of what we each could be.
Walsh began volunteering at an early age through her church, school, 4-H and, eventually, the Meeker Classic. She likes giving back to the community and working with others in order to make our world a better place.
Hoping to make an impact on future generations of volunteers herself, Walsh wants to become a teacher in a rural area and plans to communicate her passion for volunteering to her students.
Recognizing the importance of volunteerism, she thinks it’s an important part of family life and family values. As a college student, Walsh continues to search out volunteer opportunities through school, church and other activities.
Walsh’s scholarship will go towards her studies at the University of Northern Colorado, where she is a sophomore majoring in elementary education with an emphasis on art. She is spending this summer as a counselor at Camp Wayne for Girls in Preston, Pa. She spends the day teaching pottery to the campers.
This scholarship is financed through donations and various fundraising activities held by the Meeker Classic.