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haroldtymes4cIt’s going to be a busy weekend! Let’s hope we get some good, summer-like weather. That whole “seven weeks till the first frost” Jeff mentioned in his column last week is just not cool, considering the kind of cold and soggy summer we’ve had so far.
Range Call’s annual festivities are upon us, starting tonight. Get out and enjoy what might be Meeker’s most social weekend of the year! All the staff here at the Herald Times would like to ask everyone to be smart and safe — don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth it.
In spite of swaggering war threats by North Korea, a coup in Guatemala, the spread of swine flu and continued economic woes, the world’s media turned a lot of attention on Hollywood this week, with the deaths of celebrities Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and informercial sales guru Billy Mays.
If you find the news depressing, take heart. For $3,000-5,000 you can have hair ripped from behind your ears and implanted in your eyebrows for that charming Muppet look.
In Tennessee, a couple was charged with several counts of domestic violence. Their weapon of choice? The Cheeto. Hmmm. Death by fake cheese powder? Suffocation with an edible packing peanut?
There are quite a few lucky Meekerites with birthdays that coincide with Range Call this year. Instant birthday party! Happy birthday to Rick Buckles, Chuck Mills and Luke Turner, July 3; Don Hilkey, July 5; Cindy Charest, July 6; Shirley Purcell, Dick Welle, July 7; Brandy Koenig, July 8.
Happy anniversary to Bill and Ann Turner, July 3; Branch and Nancy Bullard, July 4; Dale and Jill Dunbar, July 6.
Did we miss you? Let us know! Please send birthday greetings, anniversary wishes, and other social tidbits you’d like to share to, or mail items to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, Colo., 81641.