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haroldtymes4cBy the time you’re reading this, you’ll probably be stuffed to the gills with Thanksgiving goodies and contemplating digging into the leftovers. Here’s a thought to consider as you face the coming week.
The pilgrims who celebrated the first Thanksgiving didn’t have a mile-long grocery list, and they didn’t have traditional dishes and recipes they “had” to make. They took whatever they had on hand and created a feast they could be thankful for. It’s just a thought, and it’s too late for this year, but next year maybe consider making your Thanksgiving feast from whatever you can rummage out of the pantry or the fridge.
The average household in Europe and North America throws away one-third of all the food they buy. That doesn’t even take into account the vast amount of food thrown away by grocery stores and restaurants because it either doesn’t sell, or is too close to the date, to be sold.
Reuse, reduce, recycle. Something to consider as we race into the Christmas season. What if this year your family chose to make gifts, or gave of what you already have instead of digging a big debt in response to a bunch of holiday marketing campaigns? Just a thought.
Happy birthday to Norma Oldland, Fred Day and Cody Richardson, Nov. 26; Brock Campbell and Randy Hall, Nov. 27; Doug Simmons, Nov. 28; Rick Dodds, Kevin Amack, Frank Stewart and Aaron Piper, Nov. 29; Zack Allen and Randia Rule, Nov. 30; Alida Johnson, Dec, 1.
Happy anniversary to Patrick and Lisa Darrow, Nov. 27 and Earl and Marge Shrode, Nov. 28.
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