Meeker Locals

haroldtymes4cStrange and annoying facts to clutter your brain with this week: The average American consumes 66 pounds of ketchup per year. Who says Americans don’t eat enough vegetables? Ronald Reagan declared ketchup a vegetable during his presidency. Sure, it’s a vegetable. And a hot dog is meat, right?
Speaking of hot dogs, why is it a ‘dog’ in a bun, but a ‘pig’ if you put it in a blanket?
Meeker’s Chamber of Commerce will host its annual banquet tonight at the Fairfield Center. Tickets are $35 per person for members, $40 per person for non-members.
Kudos to the Meeker Hotel and Cafe. They held a benefit dinner last week for the Martin family. According to those who attended, the family-style meal was great and the place was packed.
Word has it Caleb Dodds is quite the entertainer when he’s hypnotized.
Happy birthday this week to Jason Steiner, Feb. 11; Rob Baughman, Feb. 12; Larry Hayes, Feb. 13; Eli Newman, Feb. 14; Wendy Garrett, Feb. 15; Anna Eliasen and David Steinman, Feb. 16; Constance Hughes, Logan Tanner Piper, Justine and Cassi Fronatt, and Kris Borchard, Feb. 17.
Happy anniversary to Tom and Cindy Charest, Feb. 14. And a belated happy anniversary greeting to Shelton and April Doan, Feb. 8.
Harold would like to express his sincere apologies to anyone adversely affected by the expression of defunct anniversary greetings. It’s awfully difficult to keep up with the number of separations, annulments and divorces, since those events are rarely advertised or celebrated.
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