Meeker Locals

haroldtymes4cWelcome home to Miss Alahna Martin and her parents, Paul and Vanessa. You’ve come home to a town who loves you all very much.
Good luck to our Cowboy wrestlers on their way to the state tournament this weekend: Cody Pfau, Pat Love and Justin Hardy.
This week’s birthday wishes go out to sisters Hallie Blunt and Molly Theos, Mark Etchart, Kent Borchard and Jan Henderson, Feb. 18; Jordan Smith, Feb. 19; Lisa Pakuer, Feb. 20; Travis Day and John Wix, Feb. 21; Taylor Merriam, Feb. 21.
Happy anniversary this week to Ben and Iris Franklin, Feb. 18; Dick and Nyla Merriam, Feb. 21.
Although Harold is not a ‘real’ journalist, and we might be hard-pressed to convince any tough-as-nails reporters out there that a ‘social’ column qualifies as news, one thing is the same: Harold runs the same risk of every other journalist of offending his readers. How do names get on the birthday list? Whose anniversary is congratulated?
The answer is simple… names and dates and information that comes to Harold’s desk via mail or e-mail are included in the column. A few letters come through, generally from a few faithful readers. Keeping up with births, deaths and divorces is a little more difficult. New parents rarely have time to put together birth announcements for the paper, deaths are hard enough to bear without trying to remember to notify the paper to take someone off the birthday list, and divorces are generally mentioned only in hushed voices behind closed doors.
Putting together news stories for the paper isn’t much different. What makes news in a town of this size? Pretty much whatever eventually makes its way across the editor’s desk. It may not make it to print immediately, but it will make it. And readers may not like who and what is covered, or how it’s reported, but I think we can all admit that’s true no matter what news source we’re referring to.
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