Meeker Locals

The Town of Meeker really does want community input on the future of the elementary school site. What do you think? Post your thoughts and suggestions on our Facebook discussion this week. Just go to and look up the Herald Times. By the way, we’re just shy of 300 fans, so if you haven’t become a fan of the Herald Times, don’t wait!
Last week’s article about the possibility of a return to a four-day week for the Meeker schools prompted a lively discussion.
Why did the sage grouse cross the road? To find a new place to live. While environmentalists battle for the birds to be placed on the endangered species list, their numbers continue to dwindle. At last count, the population of birds near Meeker only had six males, according to a Denver-based group.
Happy birthday this week to Brady Nay, March 5; George Back, Heather Burke and Jeff Burkhead, March 6; Rylie Allen and Peggy Lopez, March 7; Jodi Goss and Denise Brown, March 8; Stacey Burke, March 9; Janet Hayes and Ginny Love, March 10.
Happy anniversary to Dennis and Ruth Koenig, March 5; Matt and Brandy Giao, March 10.
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