Meeker Locals

We can stop griping about the snow and cold now, and start griping about the mud. It’s healthy to change your topic of grumbling seasonally, in order to keep your complaints fresh. There’s nothing worse than stale complaining.
There must be something really interesting about the county coroner’s job. Four folks are vying for the position in the upcoming election. In a place where it’s not unusual to have to beg people to run for office, the idea of four people contending for the coveted title of coroner seems odd.
Rangely and Meeker aren’t the only school districts to contemplate the four-day week. Why don’t we all just go to a four-day week? Everyone could work four 10-hour days instead of five eight-hour days. The town does it during the summer months and it seems to work just fine. Think of the attraction it could be for new residents: “The only place in Colorado with a three-day weekend, every weekend!”
On the other hand, if preserving the quality of education while saving money is the biggest concern, why not start by cutting the biggest salaries first — say, down to the size of the lowest staff member on the totem pole? That should spare the teachers, who generally do the most work and make the least money in the educational system. Celebrating birthdays this week: Meredith Deming, Jeri Gilchist, Helen Stranathan and Tom Cisar, March 11; Lisa Darrow, Jerrie Calkins and Dale Dunbar, March 12; Caitlin Turner, Kaycee Sullivan, Luke Purcell and Tara Cojucaru, March 13; Zack Clatterbaugh, March 14; Russell Robb, Sharon Cook, March 15; Frank England, Trina Smith and Tim Uphoff, March 16; JR Crawford, Linda Holeyfield, Sharon Johnson, March 17.
Happy anniversary to Harold and Pat Tidwell, March 12; David and Jan Henderson, March 16; Bif and Brenda Burge, March 17; Dick and Cindy Welle, March 17; and Dick and Merle Deane, also March 17.