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Do you wish someone a “happy” April Fool’s Day? Tradition has it today’s informal holiday began sometime around 1582 when the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Charles IX in France. The Gregorian calendar changed the beginning of the year from the last week in March to January 1. (And we complain about springing forward one hour.) Because news traveled slowly in those days, some folks still weren’t aware of the change years later. Others, resentful of governing authority, refused to acknowledge the new calendar. They were labeled “fools” by the general public.
Happy birthday today to Mike Knezovich, Lois Richardson, April 1; Cameron Stranathan and Doris Walters, April 2; Kimberly Devereaux, April 3; Jessie Corbin, April 4; Mikayla Brink, April 5; J.H. Sheridan, Shelbi Blazon and David Buckles, April 6; Karen Doll and Helen Ruth Oliver, April 7.
Happy anniversary to Richard and Brinda Bland, April 4.