Meeker locals

haroldtymes4cMEEKER I We like Stacy Hudelson so much we just thought she deserved an extra birthday greeting this year. Her birthday is actually in September, not July.
You may have seen the Cooks — Fuzz and Roberta and Jim and Patty — serving as parade marshals in the July 4 Range Call parade this year. They weren’t just celebrating the Fourth, though. Eighty-three members of the Cook family from eight states enjoyed a family reunion over the holiday weekend as well. Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, Arizona and Texas were represented.
“Lots of fun, food and great memories. A very fun and loving family to be a member of!” Roberta said.
If you’re on Facebook (we warned you last week that if you aren’t you might be missing out on some juicy news!) you probably heard Herald Times’ owners Mitch and Meg Bettis and family will be relocating from Arkansas to Missouri in the next few weeks. They also discovered they’ll be adding another member to their household in the form of baby No 3. Congratulations!
More congratulations for newlyweds Chance and Caitlin Walker, who were married at her grandparents’ home in Glenwood Springs Friday evening, July 10. Caitlin works at the Herald Times in the front office, and Chance is employed by Meeker Sand and Gravel. The couple will reside in Meeker upon returning from a honeymoon in Mexico.
Birthday boys and girls this week include Dee Weiss, Pete Larson, Jenny Whiteman, Katie Pettijohn-Risheill and Niki Turner, July 16; Amanda Sheridan and Caleb Dodds, July 17; Michael Mullins, Piper Haney and Pat Robinson, July 19; Lisa Steele and Dale Hallebach, July 20; Christy Lindquist, J.C. Seely, Stu Massey, Tony Weiss and Mary Washburn, July 21; Caleb Gardner, Austin Purcell and Sonya Garcia, July 22.
Happy anniversary greetings to Berlyn and Sally Johnson, Kelly and Troy Osborn, and Chuck and Jenny Whiteman, July 19; Mike and Kim Gould, July 22.
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