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Believe it or not, there are holidays in June. Seems we often skip right over them after Memorial Day’s sunburn and the Fourth of July rush.
Besides Flag Day (June 14) and Father’s Day (June 20), June is the month to celebrate “Hug Holiday,” June 11 and “Smile Power Day,” June 15. And for those who need something to celebrate all month long, June is National Accordion Awareness Month.
Nothing like out of the freezer and into the fryer to whip us right into the summer season! Guess it’s time to turn off the furnace. And just in time, Clark’s has reopened under new management, so we won’t have to endure a summer without soft serve ice cream after all!
Happy birthday this week to Kevin Posey and Brealyn Garcia, June 10; Ty Dunham, Lisa Cook and Frank Cooley, June 11; Carey Seeley and Karlee Neilsen, June 14; Carol Hamilton, June 15;
Matt Giao and Reed Kelley, June 16.
Congratulations to Shery Jacob and Cactus Brandis on their wedding May 28.
’Tis the season for June weddings, as noted by the number of anniversaries this week.
Happy anniversary to Joe and Kaycee Sullivan, June 10. We send very special anniversary greetings to Kent and Kris Borchard, June 12. Also, Andy and Susan Goettel, June 13; Terry and Betty Jo Oliver, June 14; K.C. And Heather Burke, June 14; Rick and Kim Dodds, June 15; Lyle and Melanie McKee, June 15; Fred and Elaine Ellis, June 16; Kevin and Georgann Amack, June 16.
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