Meeker Locals

Don’t you wish you could bottle this weather and save it for January or February when it’s -30?
According to most of the weather prognosticators, this weekend will be the peak of the fall colors. A drive up the scenic byway (AKA County Rd. 8) ought to satisfy your craving for color.
This is strange. The San Francisco Examiner picked up the Associated Press release about the prescribed burn scheduled around the Aldrich Lakes area. Slow news day in San Francisco?
Since tomorrow is the first day of October, it wouldn’t be right to start the month without being aware of all the special topics honored and celebrated at this time. Besides hunting season, of course. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s also Adopt-A-Shelter-Animal Month, National Family History Month, National Pizza Month, and National Stamp Collecting Month. Stamp collecting, mind you, is different than the study of stamps, which is called philately. Happy October.
E-mail spam blockers are great. Until they start making assumptions about what is spam and what isn’t.
On that note, belated birthday greetings and wishes for a wonderful year to Wyatt Joy and Tucker Chinn, who both celebrated birthdays on Sept. 25.
Celebrating birthdays this week are Donna Collins and Kelly Osborn, Sept. 30; Fred Ellis, Brenda Allen and Kathy Warren, Oct. 1; Blayne Fread and Stanley Garcia, Oct. 2; Johnny Arrington, Jill Dunbar and Ken Maybury, Oct. 3; Tom Allen and Sam Stranathan, Oct. 4; Pat Turner, Oct. 5; Elijah Deming and Kelton Turner, Oct. 6; Devon Harman, Deanna Lawson and Jana Campbell, Oct. 7.
Happy anniversary to Torrance and Connie Hughes, Sept. 30; and Brent and Carol Rowles, Oct. 4.
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