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Local TV channels are inundated with back-to-back political
advertising right now. Granted, we media types appreciate political advertising. It’s good for our business. But the amount of money spent on television, radio, print and direct mail advertising is astronomical.
The more contentious the campaign, the more money spent. For a general idea, we turned to the Wesleyan Media Project, which ìtracks and analyzes all broadcast advertisements aired by or on behalf of federal and state election candidates in every media market in the country.î The whopping total (mind you, this is just for broadcast ads) thus far, just in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate races alone, $367 million since Jan. 1, 2010. Add in the numbers from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for all advertising and the number jumps to $879 million. And that’s just for the House and Senate, whose candidates, by the way, have raised $1.2 billion for their campaigns.
Colorado’s hot and dirty Senate race between Democratic incumbent Michael Bennett and challenger Ken Buck is right up there, topping the nation for the amount of independent spending in any one campaign. According to, it’s one of many races around the country where the candidates are being outspent by outside interests.
These political dollars going to choke our mailboxes and preempt our television viewing could be better spent elsewhere, like applying them to the Federal deficit everyone keeps whining about.
Local artist, fishing guide and outfitter John Kobald was mentioned in a blog post by Rick Bach on
Happy birthday to Sierra Gomez, Oct. 25. Also celebrating birthdays this week in Meeker, Mary Cunningham, Pat Darrow, Gerald Morris and Jenna Walsh,Oct. 21; Jamie Gillis and Karrin Mezarina, Oct. 22; Jason Back, Sally Johnson, Rhonda Cochran and Sheila Purvis, Oct. 23; Rita Proctor and Cindy Nelson, Oct. 24; Jake Massey, Dennis Rohn, Nick Cojucaru and Linda Ebersole, Oct. 26; Cody and Cole Purcell, Caleb and Corey Hearn, Oct. 27.
And no anniversaries to report this week! Surely someone got married in October.
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